.NET - DataTable.Select performance

This method allows you to set filter and sorting criteria and pull all rows that meet them from a DataTable.  However, if you have a large number of rows, the performance nose-dives dramatically.

For instance, with a data table of about 400,000 rows, to do a certain number of iterations of a method that used DataTable.Select took approximately 20 minutes.  By ordering the data and doing some checks on each row within a for loop to make sure it met the criteria I needed, the same number of iterations took less than 1 second.

So, be careful when using DataTable.Select (and make sure you index it, etc. regardless).  If you have a large number of rows, you might find that writing more code (which, depending on your view of for loops, may look messy) performs significantly better.

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# re: .NET - DataTable.Select performance
8/14/2009 8:52 AM
great advice, i thought ms guys must have done it the best way possible, so i blindly used Select to search for a pattern since Rows.Find needs an exact value but after reading your post i tried it out and now the performance is several times faster.
cool! :)

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