January 2006 Blog Posts
Fix for Visual Studio 2005 Step Into Bug

If you lost the ability to step into code when debugging because the menu items disappear, this will fix things up:


1)       Click the Tools->Import and Export Settings menu item

2)       Choose Reset all Settings

3)       Don’t save your settings

4)       Pick a new profile

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T-SQL: Other datetime functions

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T-SQL: Date only, time only

SELECT dateonly = CONVERT(CHAR(8),column,112) FROM table
SELECT timeonly = CONVERT(CHAR(8),column,8) FROM table 

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Managing a Doomed Software Project

If you've ever been on or seen one of these, this is a good read for what to do when they come around:

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Create machineKeys for ASP.NET applications;EN-US;312906
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Windows Update Failure on Windows Server 2003

Thanks to this post:

I was finally able to solve this issue. 

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Setup Web Admin Tool for Production Servers

From khaivq at

“I have been able installed WebAdminTool for Production Servers using the following steps:

Create a virtual directory ASP.NETWebAdminFiles in IIS that point to C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ASP.NETWebAdminFiles

Open properties windows of the new virtual directory, make sure that it is configured to run with ASP.NET 2.0, and in Security tab, uncheck Anonymous Access, check Integrated Windows Authentication.

After that, you will be able to connect to WebAdminTools using the following syntax
in my case, it is:

Although I don't recommend to do it, if you want to access WebAdminTool from other computer, open WebAdminPage.cs from (C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ASP.NETWebAdminFiles\App_Code) and comment the following code block
            if (!application.Context.Request.IsLocal) {
                SecurityException securityException = new SecurityException((string)HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject("GlobalResources", "WebAdmin_ConfigurationIsLocalOnly"));
                WebAdminPage.SetCurrentException(application.Context, securityException);
WebAdminTool still be protected by Intergrated Windows Authentication, so you still some have some defense here.“

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