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.NET 3.0 Framework Installation Error

When attempting to install the RTM version of .NET 3.0 Framework, it would fail almost immediately.  Looking in the Event Viewer logs, it was complaining that it couldn't write to the machine.config file (and later on, the web.config file).  Apparently, it needs to make some changes to these files, and they are usually read-only (it isn't clear to me why the installer didn't have rights to change the permissions on the files).

By changing the permissions, the installation succeeded.

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.NET 3.0 Framework RTM

It's a little confusing....the framework itself is done, but the Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WCF and WPF are only CTP level (thus not 'supported' by Microsoft)....the Workflow Foundation Extensions are official.

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Working with SQL Server 2005 System Views Across Databases

SELECT * FROM databasename.SYS.columns A
JOIN databasename.SYS.OBJECTS B
ON A.object_id = B.object_id
WHERE b.NAME = tablename

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