How Do You Unit Test Deployments?

It is a simple question.

A large part of successful code involves writing, well, good code.  Kicking and screaming, I have been dragged into the opinion that using certain (though not all) practices that can roughly be defined as 'Agile' is probably a necessary (though not sufficient) condition to writing good code.  Specifically, unit testing.

But a significant part of it also involves being able to deploy that code successfully and maintain it successfully.  The 2nd part is tricky.  There is 'code maintenance' in the sense of being able to test and expand it going forward.  But there is also 'code maintenance' in the sense of the support staff of a company being able to troubleshoot it.

The 2nd part do you do something like the equivalent of unit testing for deployments?  A *significant* amount of time is often required to move code from Dev to QA to Prod.  It's a massively fragile process and making it less fragile would be (arguably) more productive than even writing good code.

Are there best practices to make this deployment process more agile?  How can you do this?

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