BDUF as applied to elevators

Wrapping up at the client with some document/code reviews.  Because of lack of space, we have to reserve meeting rooms up on the top floor where the Billionaire works.

Leaving the meeting, we stand by the elevator and I notice (obviously, since it is the top floor) that the elevator call panel has no up button.

I turn to a colleague and point this out.  "Clearly, this isn't a well architected system.  What if they add a floor on the top of the building?  They should have put in an up button, but disabled its functionality."

Without skipping a beat, he replies "Yeah, and what about the left and right buttons?  You might need those later on as well."

posted on Friday, June 29, 2007 9:45 PM Print
# re: BDUF as applied to elevators
Aaron Erickson
7/1/2007 9:31 PM
Great Story! I used it as a mechanism to explain to some of the folks in India I am working with the folly in BDUF, which despite how crappy it is - is still somewhat of an ingrained value over here.

Thanks for sharing.

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