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Though I was mostly disappointed by their Somewhere Else release (I wasn't surprised by this as they are incredibly hit and miss, and the previous double CD release Marbles is one of my favorites), the title track is the best of the lot, and you can view a live performance video of it here.  It's a song about the dissolution of Hogarth's marriage (Steve Hogarth is the lead singer for those not familiar with the band):

Everyone I love/Lives somewhere else/And I have time/ To look at myself
And I've seen enough

A promotional video for "Don't Hurt Yourself" off of Marbles can be found here.  The meaning behind the lyrics isn't something I necessarily subscribe to (just forget the past because it will bring you down, live only for today, blah blah blah), but it's a good work.  The song is a little cropped at the end.

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