Windows Server 2008 Install

I like it, quite a lot.  Got TFS 2008 running on it and there have been no problems so far.  Because I was doing a complete upgrade, I have to recreate a lot of my build settings but that's okay.

The one problem I had with the install itself was that the server had been set up with Windows Server 2003 with dynamic discs created to provide mirror support for the hard drives (I can't afford hardware RAID for these systems right now...sue me).  This should have been okay, and Windows Server 2008 booted off the DVD without an issue and didn't complain about the partition I selected to install on.  Since I was doing a clean install, I did a quick format and told it to continue, but it refused to copy the boot image it needs to disk (which it then expands as part of the install).  For whatever reason, the install process would not let me get rid of the existing partitions.

So, I did the obvious, and booted off of a Windows Server 2003, and deleted all partitions so I could start from a clean slate.  Though it probably wasn't required, I let it copy all the installation files just to make sure the partition was fine, then switched out the DVD to Windows Server 2008, and booted off of that.  Everything went swimmingly after that.

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5/2/2009 9:55 PM
The dynamic disk can't be the first disk on the motherboard (Slot 0.) 2008 server wont bother to search for other primary disk even if they exsist. Good info!! Thanks Saved me some time

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