New Rig

So I think I'm finally up and running on my new main development system.  My desktop (not my computer desktop, but my actual desktop) looks like this:


This is actually remarkably uncluttered for my desktop.  Which is why I'm not showing what is on the right.  The picture shows my Maxthon browser on the left, and installing/running Timeshift on the right.

The machine itself is a PowerSpec E371.  The install process has not been the smoothest one.  I almost returned the machine.  It comes with XP installed, but I've been using Vista since January 2007 with almost no problems, so I used the included OEM disc to load Vista Ultimate 64-Bit.  Unfortunately, that did not go well.  The machine has a hardware raid system, and it looks like it doesn't like Vista 64-bit (which is really annoying since the rig is upgradable to 8GB memory).  The included floppy with the Raid drivers (a floppy?  The machine doesn't have a floppy drive, so not sure what to do with it) says 'for XP and Vista 32-Bit'.  I suppose I could have looked online to see if there were 64-bit drivers for the bios that I could...somehow...install.  Really kicking myself actually for not thinking of this.

Anyway, with 64-Bit the desktop (the OS desktop, not my actual desktop) would lock up hard.  Not blue screen, but lock up completely so that you couldn't do anything.  Good old hard power reset.  Would happen twice a day at least.

So, I installed Vista 32-Bit and for the most part, it has been okay.  I do get more crashes than I have ever had (of the minor "check online for a solution and restart the program" for almost always background processes) with any of my Vista  laptops.  I've got 30 days to return in case it is just a bad unit, but it takes me 3-7 days (depending on mood) to set up my dev machine, so if it isn't really bad, I'll probably go with it.

Sadly, the main reason I chose to stop using a laptop for my main machine was because I wanted to play Bioshock, and the server machine that I previously had it installed on before upgrading it to Windows 2008 64-Bit didn't like it.

What the hell, I like it so far.  Since I've *never* had problems with Vista, I guess this is the time for the Computer Gods to get back at me.

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