King Crimson, 08/06/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap

First of three shows at the Park West.  I've been to the Park West a number of times, for King Crimson, Porcupine Tree and Concrete Blonde, among others.  Not sure what the capacity is officially, it has a main floor and a balcony (not to mention they serve alcohol inside the club so that the alcoholics in the crowd can get liquored up without missing a song).  I assume the capacity is a little larger than the Belcourt, maybe 400-500.  They have a couple of screens for audio-visuals, but they didn't really get much use tonight.

I sat on the right side and so was able to see Fripp directly, and so was reminded of just how brilliant his playing was.  I long ago stopped playing guitar but can understand just how good he is.

The song list:

1) Drum duet

2) ConstruKtion of Light, Pt1

3) ConstruKtion of Light, Pt2

4) Frame by Frame

5) Red

6) Neurotica

7) Three of a Perfect Pair

8) Vroom/Coda:Marine 475

9) One Time

10) B'boom

11) Dinosaur

12) Level Five

13) Talking Drum

14) Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 2


15) Drum duet

16) Thela Hun Ginjeet

17) Indiscipline

18) Elephant Talk


The crowd was pretty hot, giving a standing ovation for almost every song.  They really wanted another encore, and they teased it for a minute or so before lifting the lights.

It'll be interesting to see if they move the set list around much for the next two nights.

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# re: King Crimson, 08/06/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap
Bill S.
8/8/2008 8:02 AM
Wikipedia says the Park West holds 750.

Can't wait to see them Friday.
# re: King Crimson, 08/06/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap
8/8/2008 8:55 AM
They played Sleepless as well, somewhere in the encore. I'd say the capacity of Park West is closer to 1000.

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