King Crimson, 08/07/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap

My DSL line is dropping a *lot* recently so hopefully I'll be able to get this up there.

Two more shows to go.  I realize I'm spoiled in being able to afford the time and money to see all of these, and I'm very grateful for that.  Even if they don't play 'Starless' (that's a joke....I actually probably don't want to hear 'Starless' live since the recorded version is my favorite song of all time, I think I heard a concert version from the 70s and didn't like it).

I decided to sit up in the balcony on the right side.  This let me see Fripp and also the rest of the band.  Belew wore a black/grey suit but also the grey/white footwear he had his wife deliver previously.

One thing I noticed before is that Belew had a music stand for the ConstruKtion of Light, Pt. 2 song (which a roadie then moves out of the way afterwards), as if there was something special about that song.  Strange, since Belew sang much more complicated songs.  Weird.

Here's the song list:

1) Drum duet

2) ConstruKtion of Light, Pt1

3) ConstruKtion of Light, Pt2

4) Red

5) Frame by Frame

6) Neurotica

7) Three of a Perfect Pair

8) Talking Drum

9) Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 2

10) One Time

11) B'boom

12) Dinosaur

12) Level Five

13) Sleepless

14) Vroom

15) Coda: Marine


16) Drum duet

17) Thela Hun Ginjeet

18) Elephant Talk

19) Indiscipline


Another great show. 

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# re: King Crimson, 08/07/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap
8/8/2008 10:04 AM
Thanks for keeping us informed about these incredible performances - man what I would give to be there!!!
KC truly ROCKS!

Regarding The Construction of Light Pt II and the music stand - my take on this has always been that, the sort of dislocated words used could be the reason that Ade needs back-up just in case he comes up with a blank.... It is always easier to remember words constructed as a sentence that have a greater meaning - rather than a large list of unconnected words. One would think that, having played this song many thousands (?) of times, that it would be in the brain 'muscle' - but, remembering that these guys are no so young anymore, plus the fact that Ade's brain must hold many many thousands of lyrics, plus the guitar parts as well, makes his ability to do both, in some very strange and different time signatures - absolutely astonishing!

Strangely, I just watched a program on TV 2 nights ago, about research being done to understand just how people store and remember information. One test showed a subject being asked to remember a growing list of unassociated longer complicated words, who was then asked to remember a growing list of unassociated short words.... Interestingly, the list of complicated words were much easier to remember, thus enabling the subject to remember more of them, than the easier shorter words. Apparently, most of us have an easier time remembering words when they are associated with ideas or themes... (I think of it like a picture formed in our heads) Those things that are not attached to a picture, are much harder to remember - like people's names, for instance. It seems that many of us find it easier to remember someone when we think of what they do, or a group from which we know them through, or an activity - a theme or idea... But the name is a label, that is not attached to an idea or a theme, so some of us have trouble recalling it so quickly... This is SO me! Interesting, hey....
# re: King Crimson, 08/07/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap
8/8/2008 10:10 AM
Oh, sorry, I also wanted to mention about the placement of LTIA pt II....
Interestingly, they played this awesome song (on the first night) at the end prior to the encores....
This is exactly where I believe this song belongs - it is just such a natural show ending, such a brilliant crescendo is reached, that it leaves you with your jaw on the floor! Certainly begging for a little more!
But I notice from your set list from last night, that they played this song way earlier in the set....

I would be very interested to hear your take on how it sat within the show, as opposed to the end....

Also, I cannot wait to hear the new version of 'One Time', with RF's new playing in the middle, over his soundscapesque passage... Sounds brilliant, from what everyone has said... But then, I think this is certainly going to be a very special release overall. Bring it on!
# re: King Crimson, 08/07/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap
8/9/2008 4:50 PM
I prefer when they play it at the end prior to the encores. That seems to be its rightful place.
# re: King Crimson, 08/07/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap
8/20/2008 5:33 PM
This show is now for sale at:

And I got the set list correct, whoo-hoo!

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