King Crimson, 08/08/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap

Heading off to the last show (for me).  5 in 7 days.  I think it was worth it.

Going to include all the random thoughts from the 5 shows.

Sat next to a guy who drove 3 hours to see all the Park West shows.  He talked about seeing them in the 80s and how he missed all but 20 minutes of the last time they were in town.  We compared notes of previous song lists.  Some debate over whether 'Sleepless' was played in the Wed. show. 

Watched a couple of people take pictures with their phones in the pre-show.  No one was tossed but got a good talking to.  Some guy a few seats down took a photo during the show, got a good talking to as well.

Funny was that Levin took pictures of the crowd, as he had in previous shows.

Side note:  I've always thought of Belew as 'the other guitarist' paling in comparison to Fripp.  Having seen all these shows, I have to admit that this is unfair.  He's a 'different' guitarist from Fripp, but excellent in his own way.

On stage, there is a red/orange/pink (hard to tell with the lighting) tackle box.  Been there each show.  One of the roadies tonight reached into it and looks like he pulled out something to adjust the orange Belew guitar, the whammy bar in particular.  Which is interesting (if at all) because Belew only played his silver guitar.

Fripp played wearing headphones every night.  I don't remember him wearing them the last time they were in town.

Overall, I thought the sound was very good.  I guess there were moments where I didn't hear every note Levin played, but otherwise, I can't complain.

Belew came onstage again with a suit jacket that he eventually discarded.  It was warm, man.

Song list:

1) Drum duet

2) ConstrucKtion of Light, pt. 1

3) ConstrucKtion of Light, pt. 2

4) Neurotica (only time Belew used a slide)

5) Red

6) Three of a Perfect Pair

7) Dinosaur

8) Talking Drum

9) Larks' Tongues in Aspic, pt. 2

10) Walking on Air

11) B'boom

12) Frame by Frame

13) Level Five

14) Sleepless

15) Indiscipline

Encore #1

16) drum duet

17) Thela Hun Ginjeet (Belew gets on his knees and plays the pedals by hand)

Encore #2

18) Elephant Talk

19) Vroom

20) Coda: Marine 475


I can't say that I ever thought 'Indiscipline' or 'Sleepless' were the greatest of songs by them, but they played the hell out of them.  Tremendous.

At the end of Encore #2, they turned up the lights while the band was onstage and they gave a good 'shout-out' to us.  I still would have liked a slightly longer show, but it's a minor complaint. 

Who knows when they will be back again.  Very good to see them again.

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# re: King Crimson, 08/08/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap
8/9/2008 1:51 AM
I also drove about three hours (Moline,Ill) to see KC.
Fantastic show,while standing in line we saw Gavin walking up the block. A silver Audi with New York plates
on it was parked along the street only to see Tony Levin
come out to the car.He got some things out of the trunk and the backseat. Sid the webmaster for KC was out taking pictures and chatting with the crowd waiting to get in as well.
Did I see Robert yawning during Larks' Tongues in Aspic, pt. 2? I saw Robert smiling & chuckling but I could have sworn he yawned for a moment.
Finally, what a surprise hearing Walking on Air.
Enjoy your blog,thanks again for your info.
KC rocked Friday at Park West.
# re: King Crimson, 08/08/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap
Bill S.
8/10/2008 10:35 PM
Not sure if you noticed, but Adrian was at the back of the venue when people were filing out.

At least for a short time, he was shaking hands and I also saw him pose for a cell phone picture.

Hope we'll be able to see them again.

# re: King Crimson, 08/08/2008, Chicago, IL Show Recap
8/15/2008 1:17 AM
Yeah, except maybe for Fripp, they all came around the back (at least I noticed Levin and Pat). Not sure about the layout of Park West, but there's a door back there that leads upwards to suites (I gather).

When the League of Crafty Guitarists was in town, they actually played an 'extra' song there after their show.

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