These guys are in the League?

So, watching the Bears mop up the Rams (not a surprise), when the Rams send in Brock Berlin to finish up the loss.  Brock Berlin?  They let this guy in?

As a proud alumnus of ‘The U’ (though we got smacked by Georgia Tech last Thursday, and our coach is a whiner….you really think Florida ran up the score by kicking that late field goal?  Jimmy Johnson would have faked the field goal and scored a touchdown….but I digress), I was a bit stunned, as he wasn’t really all that hot in college.  Then again, Ken Dorsey won a national championship and I didn’t think he was all that hot either, and he’s *still* in the NFL.

As a joke, I said to myself ‘I guess this means Kyle Wright is in the league.’  Holy crap.  He made it?  Looks like he isn’t actually on the active roster for the 49ers, maybe he’s on the practice squad?  That’s amazing.

Here comes Robert Marve.

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