Note to the people using or supporting the Food Bar

To those people who set up the Food Bar, you really need to think about the placement of the food as it relates to how normal people will function.  So, for instance, when you set up a taco bar that moves from right to left, putting the taco shells and tortillas at the left end after the meat and the rice *completely* screws up the flow of people, since they then need to get the shells and swim upstream back against the line, and this just slows everyone down.

To those people using the Food Bar:

- if the flow of the food bar is a little screwed up, this does not mean you are then free, willy-nilly, to move up and down it as you decide what you want.  There are other people in the line.

- it is certainly difficult at times to decide which of the wonderful selections you have to choose from that you wish to eat, especially with the hot food.  I mean, the rotisserie chicken has such a nice crust and juicy interior, the veal parmesan has a delicious sauce and the enchiladas, especially the ones with the white sauce, are absolutely scrumptious, but MAKE UP YOUR GODDAMN MIND ALREADY. 

- if it takes you more than 90 seconds to figure out how to use the salad bar, bring a sandwich from home.

Thank you.

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