No Best Practices

This isn’t a new post, but it makes a lot of points that are relevant today.  This week, I particularly like this one:

“Go ahead and follow your favorite practices. Just don’t preach that the rest of us must follow them, too. Keep your process standards to yourself. If you want to make a suggestion, make one that takes context into account.”

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# re: No Best Practices
12/9/2008 12:35 PM
That is an awesome post, thanks for sharing it - my favorites were:

Yet, the notion of a best practice is really just an invitation to be an ignorant pawn in someone else’s game of process manners– or it’s a trick to make people pawns in your own game.


In my maturity model of the industry, promoting a maturity model is mere level 2 behavior. By level 3, we outgrow it.

I can think of 6 or 7 people, that a group you are affiliated with (who also ruin the name of that group) are probably grinding their teeth about and put this poor guy on their 'black list':

At this point, if you are in the habit of talking about practices that you think everyone should follow, then you must be pretty annoyed with me. You will be annoyed as well if you pin your hope for project success on finding Holy Grail practices that will endow you with grace and prosperity.

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