This seems to be a bit much

I can’t say that I agree with this totally, but I did have a couple of LOL moments, such as with the ‘and probably eats babies’ line.


“Cram your test driven development up your ass.…”

posted on Sunday, December 14, 2008 2:17 PM Print
# re: This seems to be a bit much
12/14/2008 6:09 PM
Ha. Okay, so he missed the point, and is even more dogmatic than most agilists. Whose dogma is correct? I think we have a hunch.
# re: This seems to be a bit much
12/14/2008 6:45 PM
Yeah, I think there are some arguments to be made against TDD (especially the strict variety) that might be more persuasive.

But he did clearly label it as a rant, so I give him that.
# re: This seems to be a bit much
12/15/2008 9:12 AM
I'd love to see Scott Bellware (ideally on a bad-mood day) putting some comments there... >:)

I loved the part "Without clear design and requirement documentation up front, it's virtually impossible to estimate how much time and effort will be required to get something up and running"...sure, because huge design and documentation upfront have proved _So_ effective in the last 30 years in guaranteeing that software is delivered on time and on schedule, right? /sarcasm
# re: This seems to be a bit much
12/15/2008 9:48 AM
Scott's too busy praising himself for his dedication at being a teacher.

Anyway, there is a question about how much design to do before doing TDD. I'm going to touch on this shortly because as I'm doing this DDD-lite project, I'm running across topics just like this.
# re: This seems to be a bit much
Ryan Gray
12/15/2008 2:43 PM
Hilariously, it turns out that radical libertarians actually eat babies.

We do it for sport. I make sure to waste a lot (plus babies are fattening).

I'm curious as to what you have to say about how much design to do upfront. It seems like in most cases a project starts with some pretty basic assumptions about physical/logical architecture that peg down certain elements of the design upfront (you know you're using SQL Server for persistence, you'll have a web farm, certain data comes from this service, reporting will be done in such-and-such a way, etc.). From there is where any DDD/TDD can kick in... basically you cram whatever business logic you can in there and wrap tests around it.

This is just speculation by me of course.
# re: This seems to be a bit much
Brian Johnston
12/18/2008 7:13 PM
I loved it - I can think of a bunch of people who that's really going to piss off once they get to it.

Yes, a bit much, but I think everyone deserves to rant and not be chided for it - we all have those days. Besides, too many damn fragile ego's in this community. Reminds me of high-school sometimes.

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