OCMA: The New Pornographers – Adventures in Solitude

Reminder, ‘OCMA’ stands for ‘Obsessive Compulsive Music Awards.’

Do you remember the old late night TV ads for music collections by ‘K-Tel Records’?  For whatever reason, I remember one being ‘The Best of Bread.’  Really?  They had enough songs to have such a collection?

Anyway, I imagine in the future that someone will have a music collection entitled ‘Best Songs from the WB Network’ or something.

This song would make that collection.  But I like it anyway.

As I’ve often said, I don’t look to music lyrics for meaning.  If I want meaning, I’ll try Shakespeare or the Bible.  Regardless, this song does a remarkable job of being incoherent.  Did I mention I like it anyway?

From the title, the song is obviously about solitude.  Not that I know anything about that, but I can relate.  It is also about reconnecting:

“We thought we lost you
We thought we lost you
We thought we lost you
Welcome back “

There’s also an understanding that solitude has its reasons (did I just type that?  What blahblah):

“I know you want to
Run far away from one more
And that it's comin' at a bad time
Some cold place
Heartless ways
For all we know

I know you need to
Breathe through
Come back
Come too
But it's comin' at a bad time
Tangled day
For all we know “

I couldn’t possibly explain coherently what those lyrics mean.

But, the song is really f%%king pretty, which is why it won an OCMA.

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