A mild corrective to all the Toyota love

Can be found here.

Some key points:

“A few years ago the company cast off its traditional conservatism and embarked upon a rapid expansion program that turns out to have been overly aggressive and ambitious.”

“In 2005, Toyota recalled 2.38 million vehicles in the U.S. -- slightly more than the entire number of cars and trucks it sold that year.”

“In October of that year, America's Consumer Reports magazine lowered Toyota's rankings on its authoritative annual car-quality surveys. The magazine stopped its practice of automatically recommending all Toyota models because of quality declines on three models.”

For people who are married to the TPS, they may want to think about a trial separation.

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# re: A mild corrective to all the Toyota love
Prem Kumar
1/6/2009 1:22 AM
Good News for India, Toyota Motors has launched the all new 10th generation Toyota Corolla Altis through its Indian arm Toyota Kirloskar Motor.

# re: A mild corrective to all the Toyota love
Derik Whittaker
1/6/2009 7:52 AM
Yea, the love for Toyota as a way as managing their business is one thing. But to think the company walks on water is a little over the top.

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