Windows 7 Beta Upgrade: Some Flakiness Appearing

A couple of minor things (well, one not so minor) have started happening, some resolved, and some not.

The CEIP problem, which caused Explorer to stop working (never noticed any MSI problems), just showed up one day after never having been an issue.  Deleting the Registry Key as indicated fix that.

Mozilla Thunderbird has stopped working, as of today.  I use it as my RSS Reader, and it won’t download any news items (even though I can see them in my Google Reader list) or add new subscriptions.  I don’t keep all of my RSS feeds in Google Reader, so this is a problem.

BugChecks: of this variety.  this has happened twice in the last two days, and seems to be related to driver power issues.  But I haven’t changed any drivers, either manually or through Windows Update.

Perhaps my initial upgrade went unusually well?  We shall see.

posted on Saturday, January 24, 2009 9:00 PM Print
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