DDD: Step by Step Guide by Casey Charlton

Casey Charlton is putting together a series of posts about DDD that are downloadable in a single PDF file here.

As he updates his series, he updates the PDF.  I think this is a great service.  It introduces a number of the most important concepts of DDD in a clear and concise way which helps to dispel a lot of the ‘DDD is mystical’ stuff.  Even if the actual experience of practicing DDD has ‘mystical’ aspects (Casey knows I’m a bit skeptical about this, though I think I do get the point…to a point), many of the main concepts of DDD can be explained succinctly and his blog series proves it.

I actually want to be able to apply some of what he explains to my ‘DDD-Lite’ ‘series’ of posts, which has been a bit meager recently (though that is because I’ve actually been applying some of what I had already mentioned).  One point (about eliminating setters) I hope to post about soon.

Regardless, check out his series.  Great stuff.

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# re: DDD: Step by Step Guide by Casey Charlton
Aaron Erickson
2/21/2009 7:48 AM
I love the jdn comment on page 9:

"I’m sure right at this point, jdn is reaching for his keyboard to point out that I am dangerously close to repeating The Tao of Domain Driven Design. Yes, I love my mystical analogies!"


Thanks for the link - very helpful.

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