Office 2010 Technical Preview


Somehow, I was invited to participate in the Office 2010 Technical Preview. Running it on top of Windows 7 should be interesting.

So far, there have been two issues.  Well, minor issues.  When installing Sharepoint Workspace 2010 (which replaces Groove), the taskbar disappeared and didn’t come back.  Since a reboot was required, and the taskbar came back after reboot, no big deal.  Then, before launching any of the applications, I pinned Excel to the taskbar, which launched some install thing (I’m guessing it would have occurred if I launched an app first), which crashed Explorer.exe, which caused the taskbar to disappear and come back.  The icon was properly pinned when it came back, so again, no big deal.

I suppose I should have backed up my mail files before running Outlook 2010 for the first time.  I’m sure I have a backup somewhere.  Don’t do that.  Anyway, it launched fine.

First impression, Ribbon everywhere, including in Outlook now.  I’m sure this means lots of confusion to come.

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