Insulting a PGA Major Winner

I know I’ve posted this before, but I’m too lazy to find the URL, so I’ll recap again.

Rich Beem won the PGA Championship in 2002, beating Tiger Woods by one stroke. 

The following year, the PGA Championship happened to be played in Rochester, NY, and as it happened, I was visiting a friend the week before the tournament was played.

Sitting in the hotel bar on a weekend night (maybe Saturday night), an NFL preseason game was on, I think it was the Giants vs. Bills.  I was killing time before going out to dinner, and somehow gambling came up, and I made the comment (paraphrasing): “If you are betting on the outcome of this game, you’ve got a serious gambling problem.  Seriously.”  I then left.

At the end of the night, I came back to the bar for a nightcap, and was talking to the bartender.  Turns out that Beem had been sitting right next to me when I had made my previous comment.  And had a bet on the game.

I rock.

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