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For various reasons, I’ve spent significantly more time recently browsing the web from my phone (Samsung Epix). 

I’ve always thought that browsing from the web was lame.  I still do, but since I do it more, I’ve noticed certain things that are more annoying than others, and certain things that are more enjoyable than others.

For years now, I generally only watch TV for HD sporting events and the Food Network.  For news and other things, I use this internet web thing.

Being able to read the full article: so one major difference I’ve noticed is that some sites will let you see an entire article at once, while others make you click on something to do so.  MSNBC lets me see the full article by default.  CNN pages articles.  CNN will let you see the entire article but only if you page to the bottom of the defaulted paged article and click on the ‘Full Article’ link.  This is very annoying.  ESPN and CNNSI both page articles, but at least CNNSI puts the ‘Full Article’ link, when available, at the top of the page.

Automatic reformatting of pages for mobile devices: Google Reader does this very well.  When it can, which is most of the time, it will take the content of an RSS item and automatically reformat it so that it fits a mobile device without scroll bars.  This is incredibly useful.

Many sites still don’t optimize for mobile devices: there’s nothing more ‘fun’ than having to try to read a web page from a site where it presents the normal web browser content without optimization.  This means you have to scroll to the right to see the content you care about.  Which is really annoying.

Now that I’ve had to experience it on a more regular basis, I know that it is important to optimize web content for mobile devices when and if possible.

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