Technology Driven ‘Convention over Configuration’

In a recent post, Jeremy Miller talks about two different type of developers (those that say there are two different types of developers, and those that don’t….no, I kid) and talks about one type:

This is what I have.  The other fellow started his solution by asking himself “how do I use the existing infrastructure in Prism to solve this problem?”  He restricted himself to the patterns and mechanisms in Prism and used a pretty idiomatic WPF type of solution that would be pretty familiar to most WPF developers (a major point in its favor).  Actually, “restrict” is the wrong word.  What he did was simply to take the tool he had and figured out how to solve the problem using that tool.  Quite reasonably.

If you think about it, one way to think about this perspective is to think of it as a technology driven ‘convention over configuration.’  Give the convention of, e.g. using Prism, how do you get the job done?

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