Dawn Landes – Straight Lines

This one goes out to all of those who have seen the Chrysler Town and Country 2010 commercial with a bunch of women in bikinis who thought to themselves “How many damn commercials can feature Feist?” and yet didn’t mind a commercial with a bunch of women in bikinis.

It turns out it isn’t Feist, but Dawn Landes.  No, I don’t know who that is either.

The full video, as far as I can tell, is incredibly stupid, with a bunch of dumb hippy shit (as if there was another type), but has the advantage of having Ms. Landes in a negligee type thing for the whole thing.  Plus the lyrics, as intelligible as lyrics can be in a situation like this, seem to be about loss and sadness and whatnot, and you know how I like that sort of thing.


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# re: Dawn Landes – Straight Lines
Daniel Daranas
11/20/2009 1:17 AM
I happened to see this girl live in Barcelona last Tuesday. I was actually going there for the other band who played, Sedaiós (a Catalan band), but I liked her, too. It's funny to see her mentioned in my "software" rss folder now :)

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