Upgraded to SubText 2.5, sort of

You get what you pay for.

That comment is not actually directed towards SubText (well, mostly) but towards customer service at hosting providers.  I will probably detail that part later, for obvious reasons.

Haack and crew put together a set of instructions and developed a tool to help upgrade to the newest version.  I was pleasantly surprised, well, hell, stunned, that it seemed to upgrade my local test flawlessly.  I was upgrading from 1.9.ancient to 2.5, and expected the local test to fail massively.  It didn’t (at least not massively).  So, I decided to upgrade my online version.

A good thing to know about customer service is what you can expect.  Different hosting providers provide better or worse service.  No hosting provider that I have worked with has done things flawlessly (or at least, gives me control to do everything myself), so you expect that there might be some issues.  What I didn’t count on was uploading a SQL backup file and hearing it was corrupted.  I also didn’t count on the customer service team saying (essentially) “the file you uploaded was corrupted, so we can’t help you.  More importantly, we won’t help you.  At all.  Figure it out yourself.”  Nice.

The current issues seem to be thus:

- you can make a comment on a post, and it will show up for me to moderate, but the page itself will give you an error.  Nice.

- if you hit my blog at, it will tell you the blog is not yet set up, but if you go to, everything displays in its glory.  I left a comment (or tried to at Haack’s blog, but apparently am auto-moderated…can’t imagine why…lol) to see if this is one of the bugs Haack said they are aware of, but that’s obviously not great.  I think almost all of the Google links to my site use ‘www’ so it’s manageable.

- I need to re-implement CAPTCHA and ClustrMaps stuff, but that’s okay.  That was expected.

So, let’s see how this goes.

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