RethinkDB : Another challenge to NoSql Orthodoxy

Take a look at RethinkDB, a drop-in replacement for the MySql orthodoxy.

A central theme of NoSql orthodoxy is that ACID can’t scale.  The fact that companies like Amazon and Google (you may have heard of them) have ‘abandoned’ ACID is, in my mind, enough proof anyone needs that the NoSql is a valid option that anyone who needs to consider data storage options (what an ugly sentence….but I digress).

What I like about things like VoltDB and RethinkDB is that they are attempting to rise to the challenge.  Can you have your ACID cake and eat it too?

I still think that if NoSql alternatives really take off, Microsoft and Oracle will rise to the challenge as well.  Eventually.  But, I think it is good to see open-source alternatives here.

Ultimately, I think that what the market wants is something that has ACID, has easy ad hoc query capabilities, is operationally manageable, and doesn’t succumb to scaling limitations.  I have no idea how feasible this is (unless memristors become a reality), but I think that’s what people would really like.  No one wants to throw out their SQL querying skills unless they have to.

But, that’s a guess.  I’d like to think it is an educated guess, but a guess nonetheless.

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