A forthcoming comparison between SpecFlow and StoryTeller

Jeremy Miller has finally released the 1.0 version of StoryTeller, and the timing for me turns out to be fortuitous (I think that means ‘pretty good’…). 

From Jeremy’s own description:

  • StoryTeller is a tool for creating and using “Executable Specifications” against .Net systems.  StoryTeller could be called a Behavior Driven Development tool depending on which of the billion definitions of BDD you subscribe to, but is very much optimized for customer facing tests.  I meant StoryTeller for the older ideas of Acceptance Test Driven Development that predate BDD. 
  • SpecFlow is another tool that I’ve been looking at that sounds similar themes:

    SpecFlow aims at bridging the communication gap between domain experts and developers by binding business readable behavior specifications to the underlying implementation.

    Our mission is to provide a pragmatic and frictionless approach to Acceptance Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development for .NET projects today.

    I specifically have not said that I’m making a comparison of SpecFlow vs. StoryTeller, as I think it would be a mistake to thing that they both target exactly the same audience.  That said, I’m sure an interesting Venn Diagram could be created that showed a significant intersection of functionality.

    As it happens, I have started a new project that is perfectly suited (or perfectly enough) to make use of both of these, and to see which tool works best under which scenarios.  I’ll be happy if it turns out that one is clearly more suitable for my needs than the other, or, more likely, that they suit different needs well.

    It should be interesting.

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