Reminder: Check your backup strategy

Backups are great, but only as great as the last time they were tested.

I run multiple machines on my home network, but one is always designated as the main one, and sure enough, it bit the bullet Sunday night.  I think it is only the power supply.  At least I hope so, because if it is the motherboard, pain is in my future (well, more pain than getting the power supply changed, something I used to be able to do in my sleep but which I now pass off to the store I bought it from because I am old and slow and stupid).

Because I use Windows Home Server, most everything is backed up automatically each night.  At least I think it is, that is one of the things I’m verifying now.  The code that I am working on is distributed on multiple machines (albeit manually most of the time) so I’m confident of that part.

Especially if you aren’t running a multiple machine home network, are you confident your important data is being backed up?

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