The start of a new college football season

Signals the beginning of Fall in America, and the annual renewal of some fantastic traditions:

Brent Musburger will promise that any contest between two teams in the Top 10 will be “ a dandy.”

Kirk Herbstreit will claim to have intimate knowledge of the inner psyche of the QB based on one or two plays.  “You can see here that the QB runs up field, even though he has players open, because he’s afraid of how the defensive line is coming after him” (replays will clearly show that every receiver is clearly covered).

Mike Patrick, ignoring the umpires, the stadium, and his own telecast, will miss an easy call.  e.g.4th and 1 with 45 seconds left, Patrick debates whether Navy should use a timeout.  Maryland calls a timeout, the umpire signals that Maryland has called a timeout, the stadium announcer can clearly be heard announcing “Maryland calls a timeout”, and the ESPN bug shows that Maryland is being charged for a timeout, and so, of course, Patrick announces “And Navy finally uses their last timeout.”

Anytime one team has more than 3 plays go in their favor, the announcers will talk about the obvious shift in “momentum.”  Never mind if the 4th play results in a touchdown for the other team.

Just about every broadcast team, on every station, for every game, will invent a theme for one team or another in a matchup, and will run it into the ground, regardless of whatever action occurs in the actual game.

I love football.

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# re: The start of a new college football season
9/7/2010 9:16 AM
Lol perfect :)

Don't forget Mark May and Dr Lou arguing every week who the best teams are. ;). (ps May got his butt kicked by OSU when he was a player so he is anti-OSU no matter what is said and meanwhile Lou coached at OSU so he defends every bad remark by May - it's really quite funny)
# re: The start of a new college football season
9/7/2010 7:44 PM
I don't think I've ever done a 180 as much as on Dr Lou. Couldn't stand him as a coach, think I was convinced he was crooked, or looked the other way.

But I really enjoy him now. Some of his Dr. Lou stuff is outright hilarious. Sure, since it is ESPN, some of the 'hey look at us disagreeing with each other' banter with May can go over the top, but it's much more genuine than what you get from the NFL crew.

Not to mention you don't get the constant "I used to be a integral part of the game, listen to me pontificate" crap from the NFL crew (Trent Dilfer is our expert? Please).

Or maybe that's just me.

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