True Curmudgeon Tests–Sports Variety

If you are one, you know it, but here’s an easy test.

Remember a few years ago in the NCAA when George Mason made it to the Final Four?  If your natural reaction to their loss was joy, mixed with slight regret that it wasn’t by 50, that’s a sign (note, this is what made this past year’s tourney final game so tough.  All the “Butler Cinderella playing at home” slop was nauseating, but they were playing Duke, and it is a God-given right for every man, woman and child to hate Duke and Mike “I’m a leader of men” Krzyzewski if they so choose).

Tonight gave us another test.  If your natural, visceral reaction to the intro to the Saints-Vikings game was hoping they got drilled by at least 30, that’s a sign.  It’s completely unnatural to hate the Saints, but I think I hate the Saints.

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# re: True Curmudgeon Tests–Sports Variety
9/10/2010 10:05 AM
My favorite part was after the national anthem when the players held up their index fingers to show labor solidarity. Gotta love the age-old struggle between sports-labor and sports-capital! **vomit**

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