Does this 16 GB of Ram make my butt look big?


One of the advantages of moving completely 64-Bit is that you can finally use all of the memory you can install on a system (32-bit Windows always hit the limit around 3.5 GB, depending on the machine, due to memory addressing blah blah blah…..I remember when I used to have to set up memory management so that I could play whatever version of Ultima or whatever I wanted to play at the time which required that extra 12 MB you had to squeeze in somewhere…I vaguely remember running some version of Novell DOS at one point just because I could find the extra memory…..old old old).

It was less than $500 to load up my new Dell 8100 XPS Whatever it is I have, so I figured, what the hell.

In case anyone is curious, the CPU usage is due to Firefox.  I have somewhat…unique usage patterns with Firefox.  I currently have 17 windows with an average of 10 tabs each open (I’m WAAAAYYYYY behind on my reading) which takes 1.5 GB by itself.  Largely due to Flash, I think.

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# re: Does this 16 GB of Ram make my butt look big?
10/21/2010 9:42 PM
Neat. Here's mine.

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