I hate virtual keyboards

I have a project that will need to develop stuff™ for Windows Phone 7, Droid, and iPhone.  Accordingly, I finally got off the crappy but familiar Windows Mobile 6.5 stuff and got a Windows Phone 7 Samsung Focus (or whatever you call it) as my ‘daily’ phone.

There are many reviews out there about it, mostly positive with reservations, so you can google all that.

The one thing I worried about though seems to have come true.  I hate virtual keyboards.

Consistently, when I try to type a message or email or whatever, the virtual keyboard just doesn’t like what I’m trying to type.  It was never great with the physical keyboard of the Samsung Epix that I used to have, but I just can’t get my poorly trained fingers to hit the right keys on the virtual keyboard.

My hope is that I can train myself to aim for what seems to be the wrong spot, since that seems to be the key.  “The key.”  Gosh, I’m funny.

Otherwise, I really like the thing, but you can find more comprehensive reviews out there on google.  Not having Outlook sync is a problem, but I’m working around it.

posted on Thursday, November 11, 2010 9:17 PM Print
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