How to become a Thought Leader Online

One of the clients I work for is in a building whose elevators have those Captivate thingies (technical term) where they display news headlines, sports scores, weather updates, and various advertisements.  I have no idea if these things work or not from a marketing standpoint, but I guess they help pass the 45 seconds or whatever it takes to get to my floor.

One of the ‘brilliant’ advertisers is Harvard School of Business Management (or whatever they are called).  They tend to have ‘brilliant’ advice that really makes me want to go there.  Right.  Anyway, today they had something like the following on how to become a thought leader online (paraphrasing):

Become a thought leader online by showcasing your personality through posting your thoughts on your blog and in comments on other people’s blog posts.


I thought it was funny.

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# re: How to become a Thought Leader Online
1/3/2011 8:18 PM
Yeah, we have those tips in our elevators too. And they are unbelievably lame. They are so lame that I can't even memorize the full sentence. I have been trying to find them on Captivity website but I can't. One tip which I had seen:

'Let your team members know that you are there to support them.' Talk about stating the obvious.

# re: How to become a Thought Leader Online
Richard Dingwall
1/5/2011 8:02 AM
'showcasing your personality' - start a flame war?
# re: How to become a Thought Leader Online
1/5/2011 5:21 PM

Yes, something like that.

That reminds me, I need to blog about how Linux isn't ready for the desktop yet.

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