Crossing over to the dark side–MacBook Air 13”

Every single member of my immediate family is a Mac user of some sort.  Some more fanatical than others.  I have not been.  Way way way back when, I remember playing LodeRunner on a Mac of a family friend for what seemed like 24 hours, but since then, I’ve used Windows machines pretty much exclusively (ignoring my first computers, which were a Sinclair ZX80 and the Timex equivalent).

On the recent road trip, my cousin asked me what was wrong with my laptop.  It’s one of those things I’ve always noticed but not paid much attention to, the fact that it was a 5+ old laptop with a fan that made it sound like a passenger jet set for takeoff.

So, since I have another 2 week trip coming up, I decided to get a new laptop.  I decided early on that I wanted a solid state drive machine, and had my eye on a high end Sony Vaio, but it was out of stock.  After some more (limited) research, I ended up with this MacBook Air.

It’s cute, it’s tiny, it’s an expensive fucker.

Since I am still mostly exclusively a .NET developer, I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate on Parallels on it.  Since I intend to do some IPad/IPhone dev this year, this machine kills that bird with that stone.

I’m not happy that you can’t (apparently) upgrade the memory on a MacBook once you get one.  I’m also not happy that the auto web registration for my AppleCare protection package was rejected, so I have to wait to see if my scanned and uploaded receipts are good enough.

That said, it’s cute and it’s tiny and it seems to work okay.  We’ll see how it goes once I start developing stuff.

Needless to say, this post is sent from the MacBook.  Cute, tiny and expensive fucker post.

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