For Lent, I normally give up lima beans, but since I generally hate the little fuckers, it has never really fit into the whole idea of sacrifice.  So, this year, I decided to actually give up a few things, which led, among other things, to becoming a pescetarian for 40 days.  And no, I had no idea the term existed, either.

When I stopped being broke (one of the ‘advantages’ of getting a Ph.D. in Philosophy is that when you graduate and try to be an adjunct professor, your income tends to top out in the $20k range, at least that is what it was back in the day), one of the first things I did was start to eat better, and by better, I mean more expensively.  Not much in terms of going out per se, since I’m an avid home cook, but definitely in terms of better and more expensive product.  And my number one product of choice was steak (though in the ensuing years I’ve had to cut down because of that damn cholesterol thing).

And let’s face it, there isn’t much better way than to end a day celebrating the Resurrection with a nice dry-aged, spice-rubbed New York Strip and some homemade chimichurri sauce.  And a glass or two of a nice Cabernet.

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