Tekpub improvements after AWS outage

Since I brought it up, I thought I’d provide closure by pointing to how Rob (as expected) is improving the infrastructure of Tekpub:

“That AWS outage cost us a lot and I will not let it happen again. The main issue was my “freezing” when it came to a move - I was too afraid that I’d mess up our orders data and while I generally am OK with messing up - I am absolutely NOT OK when it comes to $$$.

To that end I’m looking to move our commerce bits over to Shopify. Their level of integration is amazing and I’ve been working with their team on how to offload our stuff over to them, so I can focus on building out the video bits.

Moving to Shopify means that if Tekpub goes offline - I just need to move the video portal and profile bits over - which is a rather quick thing to do. No order information will be lost, and the upkeep is reduced.

As an existing user - this won’t matter to you at all. Nothing will change with respect to your account and your ongoing memberships etc. As a new user - you’ll have a bit more of a “comfortable” checkout process with improved PCI compliance.

Now, I have no idea how great (or not) Shopify is, but it looks good.  Plus, the dude’s smart (even if overly sensitive), so now that he’s lived through that great hell of a site outage, I would imagine he did his due diligence.

I really wish Rob would put some content on Tekpub about infrastructure stuff.  How did he choose Shopify?  How do they provide extra benefits in terms of safety and backup?  How does it improve PCI compliance (I’m really glad to see he looked at this)?

Way too many people think that the actual writing of code is the most important and/or difficult part of software development, when it often times isn’t.  The operational stuff that I talk about is admittedly boring, but often times is more important.  This is one of the many reasons why I’m suspicious/dismissive of Software Craftsmanship, but I digress.

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# re: Tekpub improvements after AWS outage
5/3/2011 9:38 AM
Great last paragraph. Anyone who has ever run their own software business will immediately recognize that code is a means to an and, not a goal in and of itself.

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