Is RescueTime the new Pomodoro?

Scott Hanselman has posted about a tool called RescueTime that he uses to monitor personal productivity.  Fine and dandy.  Read his post.

What I wonder is if this is just another version of Pomodoro, and as such, should be avoided like the plague.

disclaimer: I’ve practiced Pomodoro in the past.  In the context that I practiced it in, I actually thought it wasn’t that bad.  Actually, it was, in the context I practiced it in, pretty decent.  Once I thought about it a bit, I dropped it like the plague, but not because it wasn’t well thought out.

Mario Fusco is, in this context, best known for criticizing Pomodoro:

“Let me slightly reframe my thoughts. Have you ever seen a civil engineer using a timer to keep his concentration while working on his projects? Will you trust in a lawyer employing the Pomodoro technique while is trying to defend you? Will you let a surgeon that needs a timer to stay concentrated on his job to operate you?”

If you are a software developer, do you really need a 3rd party tool to figure out that you are spending too much time surfing porn that it gets in the way of delivering software?

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