Buying something off of Tekpub kind of sucks

Based on a previous post and a recommendation, I’ve decided to take a look at the Full Throttle – TDD with Brad Wilson session to see if I can be convinced that my hatred dislike of TDD can be changed, or, more likely, that I can at least see how it is done ‘for real’, whatever that means.

Whenever I have the ‘opportunity’ to purchase something, I tend to ‘dick around’ (technical term) on a site I’m not familiar with to see how it works before I click that buy button.  Tekpub seems to be pretty bad in general from what I’m familiar with.

From the home page, you can find what you want pretty easily.  Or at least, since I knew what I was looking for (the TDD session), it was easy to find.  Once I found the session, I clicked on the happy ‘buy now’ button.

The resulting page is pretty terrible.  Other than the URL saying it was a cart page, the design of the page is lousy.  There’s an unstyled ‘remove’ link that you wouldn’t know was a link.  The checkout button is pretty obvious, so I clicked that.

Immediately, I’m confronted with a page that appears to ask for my Tekpub account email address.  Well, I don’t have one.  So, what do I do here?  Leave it blank and then fill in the billing address information and click ‘Continue to next step’?  I shouldn’t have to even think about this.  I don’t like this, it makes me suspicious, let me go ahead and get out of this page and back to home.  Very weak link for that, but okay.

Hmm, I’m on the home page now.  There is no indication that I have added anything to a cart, or that I even have one.  Let me go ahead and confront my silly fear of the weird cart system, and click on the full throttle item again.

That’s nice.  Back to the same page with the lame picture and decent description.  Let’s click on the ‘buy now’ button again.

Okay, wait a minute.  The total appears to suggest that I’m interested in buying two of ‘Full Throttle’.  There’s still the lame unstyled ‘remove’ link, but no indication of a quantity.  This is a video subscription site, isn’t it?  Why would I want to buy two ‘Full Throttle’ items?  What does it mean to buy two of them?  The ‘terms and license’ section is cutesy, but amateurish, especially since the cart is a joke.

I click on the ‘checkout’ button, back to the horrible page that has no quantity value and asks for an email address.

Fuck this.  Maybe I’ll try another day, but this is horrific usability. 

I note that it is through ‘shopify’, so strike them off my list of any company I want to work with.

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