Craptastic Tekpub Account Setup

One would think one would try to follow even basic practices for this sort of thing.

So, I went back through the fantastic process of trying to buy the Full Throttle – TDD Brad Wilson Rocks episode, and managed to do it, though it required emptying out my shopping cart as it initially said I wanted to purchase 4 of them.

After setting up my account through the fantastic process, after the purchase, I got an email saying (paraphrasing) “Hey, we setup an account for you based on your email, here’s the bizarre password we created initially, you might want to change it.”  This is decent enough, bizarre initial password is fairly normal.  So, I clicked on the link that got me to the page that lets me change the password.  All good.  Password changed.

Then I get an email from Tekpub saying “We just updated your password for you! If this wasn't you it means there was some kind of mischief afoot!”

With no link whatsoever in case it hadn’t actually been me changing the password.

What the fuck?  Seriously?  What if there had been “mischief afoot”?  What’s the process?

Here’s a little tip to anyone who might want to set up a store.

There’s this web thing called Amazon.  You might not have heard of it, it’s not that popular.  But, at least in some circles, it’s known.  It is accepted that not everything this little web store called Amazon does is perfect, but, in general, it seems to follow some practices that seem to be halfway legit.  You might want to think about following them unless you have reason to diverge from it.

Just a thought.

At least I have now downloaded the TDD “for real, except it is part of a webcast that by definition probably isn’t for real” episode.

Seriously, this isn’t 1998.

posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 10:06 PM Print
# re: Craptastic Tekpub Account Setup
8/28/2011 8:14 PM
What did you think of the video? Worth the $12?
# re: Craptastic Tekpub Account Setup
8/28/2011 8:26 PM
I'm working on the review for it.

Short answer is, depending on what you are looking for, yes.

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