Report: There were too many people and they were too drunk

Truer words have never been spoken about many things, but it definitely applies to this one.  As the link states:

“Let’s make sure we have this straight: too many drunken people in too close of a proximity to each other, in an emotionally charged environment, without enough police supervision will lead to problems. Glad to hear it only took two months to come up with that kind of hard hitting analysis.”

As a proud Canadian (and a proud American, as like my sisters, I am a dual citizen of both countries due to being born in Canada of American parents….my older sister married a man who is a dual citizen of both countries due to being born in America of Canadian parents, proving that opposites truly attract, but I digress), I was of course appalled at the riots.

One of the funniest commentaries I heard on the whole thing was on sports radio in Chicago, where they pointed out two fundamental flaws with the riots (other than the biggest flaw, that they took place):

1) Sports riots are supposed to occur when you win the championship, not when you lose.
2) If they were going to burn a city down, they should have chosen a city other than their own.  For whatever reason, the consensus was that they should have torched Calgary.

There’s always next year.

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