Comment Spam: I’m not interested in a business loan and neither are any of my readers

Comment spam is a fact of life if you run a blog.  It typically takes on a few common aspects.

Comment spammers are looking for unmoderated blogs so that they can post a whole bunch of random off-topic comments that contain links to whatever they are spamming about.  This blog is moderated, so what happens is I get a bunch of spam comments in-between the few real reader comments.  I approve the real reader comments, and then delete the spam comments in a batch whenever my lazy ass gets around to it.

Usually, once a particular comment spammer figures out that they can’t get anything through, they give up after a while.  Most recently, there’s a content spammer who really wants to sell me or you a business loan, and they don’t seem to take no for an answer.

Since this doesn’t really cause a lot of overhead for my lazy ass, I will continue to delete them at my leisure.  But, I won’t be trying to get a business loan from them.

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