Repost: Relaxed attitude towards the pragmatic delivery of okay software

Rob Ashton has a post up about how he’s addressed his development of a current project.

There’s tons to quote here:

“…this time I made a real effort to drop any up-front 'zomg my code must be perfect' aspirations from the get go.

What does this mean? Well I pretty much decided that technical debt should not be something to be overly avoided, overly organised code-bases stifle creativity and I really just wanted to deliver something.”

“A couple of months later how does that leave me? Is the code-base a huge unmaintainable mess? I would say no - it is not. “

“Even those seeking to do more vertical testing of a unit within their system (across several internal components) aren't really testing anything meaningful, they're not really spending their time on anything really meaningful either - I wonder if we do a lot of this stuff just to make our jobs more interesting because LOB apps are at a micro-level... quite boring”

There’s a Wittgenstein-ian notion about how you use a ladder to allow you to rise to a certain level, and then discard the ladder.

I think this fits here.


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