Talk Talk – The Rainbow and After The Flood, not remotely live

Trying to describe what the later works of Talk Talk are like is difficult to do.  They are…different.

As a quotation from Wikipedia states, (they are) “the kind of record which encourages marketing men to commit suicide.”  Depending on how you feel about marketing, this might be seen as a positive or a negative.

Listening to one or two songs, you are likely to find that you like most or all of it, or feel something quite the opposite.  Not because all of the songs sound the same, but because there’s a common sensibility to them, whatever that means.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I don’t look to song lyrics for deep meaning.  If I want to find deep meaning in the written word, I would tend to read Shakespeare or the Bible.  That said, the lyrics for these songs are…interesting.

From “The Rainbow”:

Unfound corrupt
This song the jailer sings
My time has run

Or, from “After The Flood”:

Shake my head
Turn my face to the floor
Dead to respect
To respect to be born
Lest we forget who lay

Right.  Let me get a pencil and write that down.

Enjoy.  Or not.

After The Flood


The Rainbow

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