Development Train Wreck Days: Mama said there would be days like this

So, it got to the point, I believe after error #7, that I started calling out the numbers for each subsequent error.  By the end of the day, I reached 21.

Developers talk about “being in the zone” on those days when everything comes together, and you feel ‘hyper-productive’, often accomplishing more in code in a day than you normally would in a week.

Train wreck days are like “being in the anti-zone.”  And I’m not talking about days when you just don’t get a lot of code written, for whatever reason (too many meetings, confusion about requirements, etc.).   Depending on your environment, that could (unfortunately) be BAU.

I’m talking about days like this when everything you do goes wrong.  You fix one problem, but do so in a way that causes 3 other problems.

One of my “glass half full” co-workers pointed out “Well, at least you caught all 21 errors at the time.”

Just suck it up, and hope the next day is better.

posted on Thursday, December 08, 2011 7:54 PM Print
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