Harden the f%&k up

So, apparently there is some Interweb controversy about something called  Scott Hanselman blogs about it here.

As far as I can tell, the issue can be summarized as:

A woman created some marketing copy for a company that another woman found offensive, and the owners/executives/whatever of said company handled it on Twitter in a way that other people found unsatisfactory, and then the owners/executives/whatever of said company apologized for handling it in a way that other people found unsatisfactory and that they really didn’t mean to handle it in a way that other people found unsatisfactory.

I think I got that right.

What’s up with the title of this post?

A comment appeared in Hanselman’s post from some guy named or Dan or Dave, supposedly from Australia.  He included an unredacted version of the post title, which also referenced another of Hanselman’s  posts that included an unredacted use of the N-word.

I was sort of surprised the comment was approved.  Since it was subsequently deleted, it apparently has to do with how his moderation system works.

I’ve talked before about blog moderation, but this isn’t really something that could be criticized.  IIRC, Scott is involved in an interracial marriage.  I have previously been involved in an interracial relationship that came close to being a marriage.  When you are personally involved in such things, you get to learn…interesting things about certain segments of humanity.  Although it was not unsurprising, as the white guy in the relationship, no one ever dared make a comment directly to me, I would just hear about it afterwards, and have to decide how to deal with it (if at all).

So, I understand why he deleted the comment. 

Um, did you click on the link in Hanselman’s post that linked to a woman talking about how “lighten up” is used to cover offensive workplace behavior?  Isn’t “Harden up” even worse?

Yes, I did click on the link and read the whole thing.

A long time ago in a previous career long long ago, I was an HR manager.  Coming into that role, I inherited a copy of the company’s HR manual and company policies, and had them reviewed by legal resources, in one part related to sexual harassment in the workplace.  Outside of that, you again learn….interesting things about certain segments of humanity, some of it being really disgusting.

This is all serious stuff that deserves to be taken seriously.

And yet….

You can’t truly fight Sexism if anything and everything is viewed as sexist.  You can’t truly fight Racism if anything and everything is viewed as racist.

This whole Twitter thing seems much more like really bad marketing.

In some cases, the ultimate word seems to have been said by Bloom County a long time ago.

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