The sort of thing about ESPN that can drive you nuts

Obviously, this doesn’t just apply to ESPN, but since they hold the monopoly….

The Chicago Bears put the franchise tag on Matt Forte, and then signed Reggie Bush.  Forte took to Twitter to talk about being disrespected, yada yada yada.

This is right in ESPN’s wheelhouse.  Let’s discuss athletes, disrespect, money, break!!!!

Anyway, on whichever ESPN radio show which I was listening to while driving home, Three-Time Super Bowl Winner Mark Schlereth decided to weigh in on the matter.

<digression>I call him “Three-Time Super Bowl Winner Mark Schlereth” because, without prompting, he inevitably brings up the fact that he was on three Super Bowl winning teams.  I am totally on the fence about this, whether it is annoying or cool or both.  It is annoying in the sense that he keeps bringing it up, and it ties into the ridiculous former athlete promotion that ESPN, well, promotes, as if the fact someone has been a successful athlete means they can say anything coherent.  On the other hand…if you won three Super Bowls, wouldn’t you also keep bringing this up?   Imagine you need a last-minute dinner reservation.  How could you not bring this up? And if he’s doing it tweak someone like Chris Carter, a total tool who won nothing….that’s being a douchebag in a cool way.  But I digress.</digression>

Anyway, the host on the radio show thought Forte should shut up, but Three-Time Super Bowl Winner Mark Schlereth disagreed.  Paraphrasing (since the actual comments caused brain damage), he said:

“What this does is totally create a rift in the locker room between upstairs and downstairs.  The players see that someone like Forte is disrespected.  He’s given his all to the team and is not getting rewarded for the effort he’s put into his team’s success.  You can’t be a championship team when you have this disconnect between upstairs and downstairs.”

Thus has spoken Three-Time Super Bowl Winner Mark Schlereth.

Let’s consider this.

Who won the Super Bowl this last year?  The New York Football Giants.

What happened in the previous off-season involving Umi Umeniyora? 


But the radio host did nothing to challenge Three-Time Super Bowl Winner Mark Schlereth about this.

Let’s not let facts get in the way of an ESPN personality spouting idiocy.

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