Incredibly slow performance using 64-bit IE with Selenium WebDriver

Based on a recommendation from a previous post, I decided to spend a couple of minutes setting up Selenium WebDriver (as opposed to WatiN which is what I am more familiar with, but concerned about as the project may or may not be dead, based on the lack of updates).

I had originally stated something along the lines of not liking the syntax because it seemed kind of sucky.  I’m not sure why.   Syntax looks fine (both ‘sucky’ and ‘non-sucky’ judgments occurred after 3 minute reviews, so I’m not stuck with either).

Anyhoo, since the environment I was working in requires IE, I went through the extra steps to set up to support that.  I don’t like the fact that it required extra steps.  WatiN doesn’t.  But, I’ve little doubt there are reasonable reasons why this is, so I sucked it up and spent the extra 74 seconds.

<digression>Way back in the day, I would spend extra effort and not think much about it.  As I’ve gotten older, my tolerance for that is near zero.  It’s one of the reasons I don’t like Azure or Ruby on Rails.  The first attempts to get things to work for both of them required effort and thought.  I’m old.  And lazy.  And arguably stupid.  Make it work please.</digression>

Since I’m lazy, I started with the documented demo code.  Go to Google, type in “Cheese”, output the result, exit.  Simple.

<digression>Why “cheese”?  I don’t know, why not?  Probably an inside joke.  Or maybe the person writing the sample likes to strip to his skivvies and rub a nice Gruyere on his nipples.  I don’t know</digression>.

And then watched it crawl.  You could probably count 10 seconds per letter as it typed them into the Google search box.  This is not good.  As in, end of story.

I have re-implemented the sample in my home environment.  No problem.

My Google-fu found this, but I’m otherwise stumped.  What could possibly cause this?

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