Success – Windows 8 RC on MacBook Air using BootCamp

posted from Windows 8 RC running on a MacBook Air 2011 using BootCamp, connected to the InterWEB using my Clear 4G device.

In a previous post, I talked about the various issues with running Windows 8 RC on a MacBook Air.  All of the issues seem to be resolved.

Brief recap: I had tried to install Windows 8 RC on an older MacBook Air and faced a whole host of issues.  The main one involved a hard lock of the entire system within minutes of operation.

After successfully loading Windows 8 RC within Parallels, I decided, what the hell, let’s try it with BootCamp.  Parallels is nice, but you get the minimal memory which isn’t really suitable for what I use the system for.

I went through the same process of installing Windows 7, and then after installing the BootCamp specific files, directly upgrading to Windows 8 RC.

As always, the first immediate issue was getting the touchpad to work.  Windows 7 had no issue with it, but Windows 8 RC didn’t like it.  That is to say, I could get it to move the mouse and all that, but no right-click/secondary click support, which as you might imagine, was a show stopper.

As always, the exact steps I took are a bit vague, as I didn’t log them.  Essentially, it involved getting the BootCamp drivers to successfully override whatever Windows 8 thought the correct drivers should be, as if I tried to run the BootCamp install for the Multi-TouchPad directly, it would tell me the correct drivers were already installed, and not do anything.  What I did was to change the ‘HID-compliant device’ drivers to the generic ‘USB input device’ drivers, and then run the BootCamp install.  For whatever reason, that did the trick.

The next major issue was to get Clear 4G to work, which I’d never come close to on any other installation.  I downloaded the latest drivers, per the website, and got the expected warning/fail error message that the ‘Sierra Wireless Filter Driver’ was unsigned and verboten.  The Clear connection manager would launch, but you couldn’t actually connect to anything.  Within the manager, I noticed for the first time that there was a ‘look for updated software’ option, and it actually found an update.  So, I ran that, and it updated a bunch of stuff, and after that point, it recognized when I plugged in my USB device, and saw the network, but refused to actually connect.  Bummer.

Then, for the hell of it, I looked at the properties of the software icon and saw the compatibility option.  That never works, right?  But, what the hell, since I know Clear 4G works with Windows 7, I set it to run in that compatibility mode.  Lo and behold, the fucker suddenly worked.

So, as far as I can tell (it’s been an hour of testing stuff, so not exactly rigorous), I have an install of Windows 8 RC on my MacBook Air that is 100% functional.

Hmm, well, I use WHS, and I haven’t tried that out yet.  But so far, so good.

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