Office 2013 Professional Preview : Cloud access permissions bug

Gosh, we love the cloud.  I mean, who couldn’t?  Well, one obvious case would be when you can’t access it.

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 6.47.20 PM

In this particular case, I am logged into Skydrive just fine and dandy, but I will continually get prompted for my account information, which will be continually rejected. 

I thought I had figured it out.  Sometimes, you need to go into control panel and delete your credentials from Credential Manager (in my case, what happens is I’m logged into some Microsoft related site with my Hotmail account, another with my Office 365 account, and yet another with my Earthlink account.  For whatever reason, deleting the credential for MicrosoftOffice2015_Data (which for whatever reason is how it is listed) got Office 2013 to accept my login.

However, this only resolved it once.  Since then, about once every 36 hours, I have this issue.  The only solution at that point?  Wait for it to go away.  Yep, just wait.  Logging out doesn’t help, rebooting doesn’t help.  Just wait 8 hours or so.  Fantastic.

It should automatically allow you to open some locally cached most recent version and then give you an option to sync up the next time you can connect.

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