Windows 8 Phone SDK ‘breaks’ Windows 8 on a MacBok Air…

Previous readers will note that I have had…interesting issues in getting Windows 8 to run on a MacB0ok Air, particularly in regards to my Clear Communications 4G USB modem/thingy.

I have yet again found some interesting issues with it.  One note:  if you ever have any question about whether something will work outside of ‘test mode’ in Windows 8, leave it alone.  I totally misread the guidance from Clear (which has recognized some issues), and bricked the damn thing.  Again.

I will also note that trying to restore a computer from WHS from a MacBook Air is essentially (from what my dumb mind can tell) impossible.  The WHS recovery CD simply doesn’t recognize the required hardware to connect to the network.  It asks you to attach a USB device or floppy drive (and I can’t tell you how hilarious this was….I don’t think I’ve used a floppy drive since 2004.  Steve Jobs was right.), but I couldn’t get it to work.  Even installing a temporary Windows 8 install didn’t allow a client restore to work, as it always crashed.  YMMV, but that’s all I could tell.  So, I had to reinstall and then copy files from WHS (which doesn’t reinstall applications, but that was manageable).

What did cause all this, and I don’t know why, is that I installed the Windows 8 Phone SDK and things broke.  Clear 4G stopped being able to authenticate (so I could connect for 30 seconds at a time, but no longer), and that I put on Clear.  But, at least once during the 3 times I tried it (I am a stubborn prick), Task Manager, for instance, simply stopped working.  I have no idea why, but I imagine it has to do with how the SDK affects USB bindings.  Or something. 

In any event, just putting this out there.

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